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The capturing and manipulation of sound to elicit an emotional response is a powerful tool that enables brands to connect and create relationships with their consumers…


..and now that you have found your way to The Audio Plaza, or tAP, you are that much closer to procuring such a resource and having it advocate for your efforts in spreading a message or expanding customer-base.


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Sound is an integral and almost required element of any presentation one desires to see results from. Sound can raise curiosity, entice a sale, and enrich an experience that will linger in the minds of your clients & consumers. For over a decade and a half tAP has researched methods in sound design and applying those findings to different situations and environments.

Services include: recording of live instruments, bands, vocalists. Crafting advertisements complete with music beds for radio, tv, and web. Creating a lively atmosphere and stimulating the party with eclectic mixes. Sound editing and scoring to set the perfect mood for your a scene (movie or video game). Musical artists can take advantage of instrumentals, mixing, mastering, and occasional advice for artist development (marketing, getting placed in film etc.). Mastering is included with all projects to guarantee optimal sonic quality on all audio systems & devices.

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