DIY Musicians Build A Rapport With The Audio Plaza

With January came, of course, the new year, but it also brought along the first edition of Instrumental Rapport – The Audio Plaza’s effort to solve all the worlds problems – at least as it applies to the independent and DIY musicians.

  • Listen to the audio format of The Audio Plaza and follow along with the distilled version containing key points and links you can follow.
  • Discover the beats that are available for reservation in the Track Depository.
  • Be alerted of promotional offers and educational webinars offered by partners of The Audio Plaza
  • Spectate or join the Ask An Engineer live stream – even submit your song to get played and critiqued.
  • Learn what kind of songs Music Supervisors are looking for and what kind of projects they are working on.

Be sure to sign up to receive the two week reminder. Doing so will render you eligible to win some free gear, a subscription from partners or services from The Audio Plaza.