Indie Artists & Music Supervisors Connect w/ SyncSelector App

From The Audio Plaza’s Research & Development department comes a tool that should be of great benefit to all parties involved with music licensing and placements.

A very overlooked aspect of the music industry from the indie artist perspective is music licensing.  Music licensing occurs when a music supervisor decides to have an artists song played in a movie/tv scene. Said artist receives credit and  a good boost of traffic to their site (oh and also paid).

Production companies find it much easier to pay independent artists as opposed to artists that are more established with bigger teams. Less people involved also means less need for correspondence which means supervisors can get the OK they need from rights holders (the artist).

How does something this cool happen?

Relationships with the people that music supervisors.

No such relationships?

Fear not. You can borrow ours.

All that’s required is registration at syncselector.com. Once registered, you are at liberty to enjoy a couple aspects:

  1. Upload as many songs for consideration as you wish. However, it is wise to be mindful about building a reputation for loading music that lacks quality
  2. Learn how the mind of a music supervisor works with articles and interviews featuring the decision makers that decide what music goes where.

Registration is 100% free.

More information available: https://syncselector.com/about