Episode II: Enter The Arena

This second issue of Instrumental Rapport ensures that you have the bare minimum of what every DIY artist needs, the website. During my coming up in the music world, I’ve had to pick up a few things regarding marketing. The most critical of them all continues to be webdesign. Top 2 reasons I hear not to get a site is because social media is available and a website is too expensive. What are some reasons to get one, though?

  1. Gives the impression of preparedness to individuals and corporations (increases chances of getting a sponsorship [this one is my favorite])
  2. Easier to convert traffic into customers because you completely control what your visitors experience
  3. Less susceptible to changes that would force you to alter your the experience for your followers – or render you follower-less altogether

The artist that is okay with uploading videos to YouTube and posting about it on IG may get lucky. But you don’t get struck by lightning just because you want it to happen. Even if your music is good, it’s not special – even if it were, it’s not wise to rely on that. The artist that plans on using every tool available to them will find the following resources very valuable.

Oh, right, to address the second reason: I’ve included everything you need in order for you to make your own site for FREE.