The Pep Talk Every Independent Artist Should Keep Behind Glass In Case Of Emergency

 [DALLAS, TEXAS — June 19, 2020–] Thanks to advancing technology, it’s appearing on more and more to-do lists as time progresses: become a successful recording artist. What does it mean to be “successful” within the entertainment industry? Why don’t many artists that make the attempt succeed in doing so? It depends on what their expectations are to begin with, of course. It’s hard to accomplish a goal that lacks a clear definition – no matter how obvious it seems. Whatever that definition is, it’s certainly not to start at zero and end at zero.  What can an artist do to NOT be in the same situation 6 months from any stage of their career?


“I’m not too worried about bringing strategies to the awareness of those that just feel like being a superstar today. The things covered in this book ask for focus, perseverance – most of all, action and not everyone is built for that.”  

– Baraka Director of The Audio Plaza 


     Incremental Progression of a Music Brand is a guide composed from the mind of Baraka, Interim Director of aural research and technology firm, The Audio Plaza. The book is intended to assist new musicians, as well as seasoned artists find their way to abundant amounts of support from new audiences. It also discusses what to do and why it’s important to do it with the long term in mind. Initially drafted as an outline to assist with the creation of the first episodes of the Instrumental Rapport Podcast, the document evolved from a growing itemized list into a manuscript and will continue as a podcast as originally intended.


     Baraka has practiced within the field of recording and audio engineering for 17 years and has recorded several TB harddrives worth of music – all containing songs that would only be heard by him and the artists that he recorded. Having enough of what he called “‘practice” Baraka decided to refuse service to artists that didn’t have what he called ”their sh*t together”. Rappers, singers, and bands were either turned away or received a long pep talk. 


That long diatribe is now available in eBook and paperback on Amazon. Reach out to The Audio Plaza if you would like Baraka to give your audience the heart to heart himself on your blog or podcast.