Company Profile

Operational and engaging in sonic research since 2012, The Audio Plaza functions as a full spectrum audio solution with clients that range from music consumers to professional clients such as recording artists and TV/film studios. 

With a desire to see more success for musical entrepreneurs, tAP operates as a dispensary of music business education - disseminating information
to independent/DIY musicians via a curriculum entitled 'Instrumental Rapport'. tAP furthers this effort with tools dedicated to introducing independent musicians to music supervisors quickly and efficiently.



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Media & Press

Members of our media team have years of experience in journalism and live to create stories that intrigue and enrich the minds of those who enjoy them. They look forward to collaborating with digital and printed outlets that wish to present their audience with news they can use or at least be a little bit thrilled by.  If you represent the media and are in the process of compiling a story or feel anything tAP is doing would make a viable subject of focus, please feel free to get in touch and allow our team to facilitate some compelling content for your reports.