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Operational since 2012, The Audio Plaza is a full spectrum audio solution with clients that range from TV/film and gaming studios to music enjoy-ers and party goers. An outfit responsible for the development of tools that assist audio & music industry professionals excel in their field as well as the creation of eclectic and distinct productions featured on the works of collaborating recording artists and included in the original music of their own.

With the desire to see a higher success rate for DIY musicians, The Audio Plaza, or tAP, operates as a music placement agency - introducing music supervisors to independent musicians quickly and efficiently with it's app, SyncSelector. tAP also aims to achieve this improvement of the music economy by contributing a curriculum designed to inform independent/DIY artists offering up a wide variety of insight to win the music business.

SyncSelector is an app for indie artists that are looking to get their first placement(s) in film, TV or games. It also wants to be the go-to solution for music supervisors that are seeking music that doesn't need to cleared by third party. Submissions are assessed for technical quality, overall compatibility for syncing and verified for copyright ownership.

Instrumental Rapport is an online resource and podcast designed to educate and encourage DIY musicians by making them aware of strategies and tools that will increase the likelihood of success. Plenty of introductions will be made between listeners and the frequent guest hosts that want to see more successful independent artists.

Trackleets is growing into a Twitch community that looks to support and connect musicians that stream their gameplay online. Tournaments and other types of streamed programming served up for fans.

Members of our media team have years of experience in journalism and live to create stories that intrigue and enrich the minds of those who enjoy them. They look forward to collaborating with digital and printed outlets that wish to present their audience with news they can use or at least be a little bit thrilled by.  If you represent the media and are in the process of compiling a story or feel anything tAP is doing would make a viable subject of focus, please feel free to get in touch and allow our team to facilitate some compelling content for your reports.

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SyncSelector - September 2020 Press Release

SyncSelector - September 2020 Press Release

The Audio Plaza announces the launch of it’s app for indie  artists and Music Supervisors: SyncSelector

The Audio Plaza: Corporate - June 2020 Press Release

The Audio Plaza: Corporate - June 2020 Press Release

The Audio Plaza announces a book for indie/DIY artists: Incremental Progression of a Music Brand

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The Audio Plaza: Entertainment - November 2017 Press Release

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