Every Indie Musicians Plug For Landing Placements In Major Productions


[DALLAS, TEXAS — December 10, 2023–] Today marks the release of the browser edition of SyncSelector, the song discovery app for music supervisors to find music for TV, games, and film from the people they want it from the most: independent musicians.

Wanting to help DIY musicians land their first placements and devoted to becoming the synchronization agent for independent music makers everywhere, SyncSelector places value on becoming a resource for bands, vocalists, and producers/composers of any genre that are working to build their music brands. Discovery is a very important stage between a recording artist and a new fan – nothing introduces an artist to new people like placement in something like a popular series. SyncSelector affords its members the opportunity to submit songs for the consideration of it’s network of partnered music supervisors.

After registration, users are allowed to submit their music to be considered. This brings the song to the first stage, auditioning by SyncSelector staff. If approved, the song moves to the second stage and is introduced into the library where the song can be auditioned by executives that have decided to use the platform to find music for their projects. The third and final stage is Selection, the goal, at which point negotiations for rights to the song begin. Users are notified via push notification and/or email for each stage of the process a submitted song reaches.

In addition to taking advantage of an assembled network of music supervisors, users can get the inside scoop on the inner workings of music synchronization thanks to interviews featuring supervisors and executives and also be kept up to date on events in the music world that impact independent artists such as the ever evolving musicians rights and music modernization act saga.

The SyncSelector program was initiated in Dallas, TX during the year 2018. Regarded as one of the primary operations deployed to assist independent musicians by The Audio Plaza (an artistic entity and resource provider to musicians in pursuit of independent success), SyncSelector was created by the company’s Research & Development Department as a tool to bring exposure to musical entrepreneurs.

Learn more about SyncSelector and how it can be of benefit to any music maker at SyncSelector.com/about.