Sound Services

Sound is an integral and almost required element of any presentation. Sound can pique curiosity, entice a sale, and enrich an experience that will linger in the minds of your clients & audience. For over a decade and a half, tAP has researched methods in sound design and applying those findings to different situations and environments.

Services include:

Music & sound editing, syncing dialogue, and scoring that yield dramatic ads, movies & games.Musical artists can take advantage of instrumentals ranging from Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B. Mixing in an acoustically treated environment. Mastering is included with all projects to guarantee optimal sonic quality across all audio systems & devices.
Digital Marketing for musical brands is another concern of ours. Without a good strategy and a good set of goals in place, the entire creative process is for naught. We don’t believe in creating personal classic songs. Classics are for everyone. With PR & release strategies along with developing some new habits, you can ensure your music is heard by more than just your circle of friends. Reach out to get started.