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Hackings & What's Happening

Have a look at a few new features that may prove useful:

Instagram Stories’ new Challenge sticker – This new feature makes it easy to participate in those viral Instagram challenges, and nominate your friends by tagging them.

Charge For Facebook Live Events – Just like selling tickets to a conference or IRL event, you will soon be able to charge a fee to attend a Facebook event for a virtual call or a Facebook Live.

Facebook Messenger Rooms – Facebook has also launched their own version of Zoom, allowing you to add up to 50 people to a free video call (with no time limit).

Use ‘DcityC’ (case sensitive) when registering to Songtrust.

Receive 25% off the one-time $100 sign-up fee.

TuneRegistry founder Dae Bogan has compiled a great resource of information for musicians that want to understand the basic principles of creating their own labels. It’s good reading for the personal enrichment of all artists. You will find this information useful. You can find his book on his website, Daeboganmusic.com.

From Incremental Progression

There are plenty of roles that will need fulfilling as you advance. If you could do some (or all) of these things yourself, you will save money at the expense of time unless you have already become proficient.

Having ‘a team’ appears to be of major concern. A lot of artist want others involved without having a clear explainable idea of what they want. Create the responsibilities your brand requires, then select who will fulfill these roles.

For example: If you don’t plan on doing many or any live performances, you may not need management as quickly as someone who does. If you don’t think you will feature yourself in your marketing, you will be looking for someone that can create imagery besides a photographer.

Music Placement Opportunities

Global Coffee chain wants music for 2020 advert and music for in store radio.

Netflix production company looking for several styles for 3 specific genres for TV shows in development for 2020.

NFL weekly Highlights show looking for music $10k-$15k

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The Rapport is a community and system of support for independent/DIY artists. Assembled by Baraka the Conductor – a long time audio engineer with an extensive history in marketing and press. Get updated on tools and opportunities available to you as a modern day indie musician.