How To Win At Music

Artists have been keeping up with an online resource called Instrumental Rapport for these FIVE reasons:

#1 The

Hosted by Baraka the Conductor and frequently guest hosted by experts of varying fields. Each episode is poised to teach one new skill or area of concern for the Do-It-Yourself musician. Usually around 20 minutes because you’ve got stuff to do.

#2 The Insider

A section presenting all the “heads up” an indie artist can use. From changes in companies that will affect you to new app features to take advantage of. All read and scoured from newsletters and expert blogs, so you don’t have to.

#3 The Beats

Some artists don’t want share beats with other artists. Those artists come here. We deal with exclusive leases only. Our beats are unique – your songs should be as well.

#4 The Live Feedback

You may want an opinion on a song before you upload it, sometimes you just want some plays, either way, watch the stream and we’ll give you some airtime while we game. 

#5 The Placement Opportunities

Often overlooked, music synchronization has lit the fuse to many a music career. An even lesser known fact is that the people that choose music for tv, film, games, etc. PREFER to work with indie artists such as yourself. Find out what they are looking for and when.

Get some regular music industry coaching and walkthrough’s by joining the Instrumental Rapport. Register with your E-Mail – we’ll start you off with a free copy of our book.