Retainer | Details

Details for the six areas of concern for this retainer are as follows:

  • Website – Website under this retainer is hosted for free, maintained (upgrades to software, fixing site issues), and updated with any content as needed. Website can be transferred at conclusion of retainer.
  • Social Media – Social media strategy  for one platform is catered to your brand for your ideal fan-base developed and implemented.
  • Blog Coverage Advocation – Projects and songs designated as singles are individually submitted (as opposed to mass e-mailed) to active blogs (700+) that have been added to an ever-growing database of media outlets.
  • Sponsorship/Endorsement Advocation – A good way to make substantial progress with your brands exposure and familiarity is to get connected with brands that can put you in front of their audience. Potential partners for your brands are assessed and pitched to on your behalf.
  • Digital Radio Distribution – Digital radio is often overlooked revenue stream for new artists. Under this retainer, music is submitted to radio stations (100+) that are licensed to play music via SoundExchange – which means guaranteed payment when your music is played.
  • Music Placement Advocation – Music will be submitted to music supervisors responsible for choosing music to be used in TV/Film and scores for video games.

Biographies and logos are recommended for new websites and are offered at a discounted price of $150 each while on retainer.