The following is a list of services rendered to artists that have designated The Audio Plaza as a marketing partner. As comprehensive as the list may seem, it has been truncated for brevity and depending on the brand of an artist, could warrant much more. These schemes will be deployed for artists that have agreed to work with tAP for a period of time, however, these practices are “tier II” services and can be rendered a la cart to any artist and/or their team. If you are an artist seeking Marketing representation or curious to learn how these and other services can benefit your brand, leave your contact.

Update: Artists interested in being featured on the next tAP campaign are welcome to complete the form below as well.

Website Development Hosting/Maintenance

Website creation, complimentary hosting, maintenance, and updating of content as needed. At the program’s conclusion, the site will be transferred to the artist.

Social Media Management

A social media strategy for one platform is catered to your brand for your ideal fan base. Developed and implemented. 

PR & Media Training

The engineering and pitching of noteworthy stories to media outlets and submission of projects/singles to established music blogs. As well as preparation for interviews.

Sync Placement

For the duration of the program, select songs will be submitted to music supervisors responsible for choosing music to be used in TV/Film and scores for video games.

Sponsorship Procurement

Getting connected with brands that share a similar audience is a way to expand fast. Potential partners for an artist are selected and contacted.

FM & Internet Radio Solicitation

Music is submitted to radio stations that are licensed to play music via SoundExchange (100+). This means guaranteed tracking & royalties when your music is played.

Billboard Charting Strategy

Appearing on the Billboard charts is something that’s bound to happen for a highly acclaimed music brand and it’s not as difficult as one would imagine. The “x” Program is designed for artists to reach milestones like these early on.

Wikipedia Article & Citations

Articles on Wikipedia need to be cited with noteworthy websites. The previously mentioned efforts regarding media pitching will assist you in getting your brand Wikipedia-worthy, at which point an article will be drafted on the artist’s behalf.

Initial Support/Fan base Acquisition

Identifying your early supporters, creating a consumer journey to your products, and the collection of email addresses and/or phone numbers for the use of future marketing for the life of your music brand.

Ad Creation & Campaigning

Strategic implementation and creation of both static and animated graphics used in sponsored ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Artist Accounts Administration

Creation of accounts and population of profiles such as PRO’s and publishing registration, discographies as well as databases used to establish notability and keep track of varying stats. 

Project Concept & Rollout

Building anticipation is integral to having a successful commercial release and there’s a whole world of ways to do it. Reverse engineering and imagination is required. 

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