Sound Design & Editorial

Re-recording mixing – selecting and placing the best sounds for a scene is an integral caveat of a well polished production.  The team you task with this responsibility should understand the role sound should play in a particular situation and should also recognize when it’s time to conceive new ideas for soundscapes when situations get otherworldly.

Voiceover |

ADR | Dubbing

In addition to traditional voiceover, studios working on films, serials, advertisements, audio books, and various kinds of animation have taken advantage of tAP's ability to facilitate ADR (Automatic dialog recording), and dubbing to assist with process of localization for international productions.

Composition & Scoring

A musical score serves as the vital thread that binds narratives, emotions, and visuals into an unforgettable voyage. No matter the size of the screen the story is being told,  it is through meticulous composition that a film, a game, or even an ad can send  the viewer on an immersive journey. It is the unseen force that elevates storytelling to a emotional experience.

Music Supervision & Sync Intermediary

Commonly referred around tAP as  "DJing for movies", Music Supervision can encompass quite a bit like spotting, previewing, fixes, correspondence, etc. It's such an enjoyable past time, that an application was developed and entire community established just to make the process more efficient. tAP can Sup for you or with this app, you can Sup yourself! Using the app to curate a soundtrack for your production is ACTUALLY fun. Learn more about it.


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